Daniel Butierez for U.S. Congress

"It's Time For A Change In Arizona"


My name’s Daniel Butierez, and unlike the man I’m running to replace my roots are here in Arizona. My opponents on the other hand are buried deep in Mexico.

I was born here in Tucson, Arizona in 1966.


My father Angel Calderon Butierez the first Butierez was born in Pima, Arizona in 1944.

My grandfather Filomeno Gutierrez was born in Solomon, Arizona in 1900.

So let me tell you who I am and who I was so that you will understand why Arizona needs me right now.

I’m a contractor who owns two small businesses. I employ men and women many from halfway houses and we work to help them get on their feet. This summer we employed approximately 63 people, many of whom had just come out of prison struggling with addictions. Most trying to overcome Fentanyl which is pouring across our Southern Border.

We have property out in Marana where we keep our rescue horses. We helped rescue 25 horses and about 70 dogs. Some of the dogs and horses came home to us. We found homes for the dogs and the horses have been with us for seven - eight years. Butierez Painting donates the hay and feed for these rescues.

Life and people are precious to me as I lost 10 years of my life for a wrongful conviction.

Not even sure if that’s the right word as technically I was never convicted. I wasn’t charged, wasn’t tried, and double jeopardy was invoked. I fought this injustice for 30 years because men had given their lives so that this would never happen to a US Citizen. No United States Citizen Shall lose Life and Liberty without Due Process. The District Attorney admitted to my attorney and friend that I was correct but they were never going to grant it. So if the prosecutor knew this every court in Arizona knew this and had denied my pleas.

So in 2019 we filed a Rule 24 stating all the Constitutional violations to the Court. We gave 3 options and surprisingly, The State conceded. The State admitted I had been convicted of a crime I didn’t commit. The big win was that the State chose not to dispute the Due Process claim. That meant all my claims of no trial, no charge, the violation of Double Jeopardy were all factual and left undisputed. Until right now no-one knew the Arizona Government had done this.

We’re slowly losing the Rights men and women have given their lives to protect. Most people today don’t have a clue how precious those rights are until they’re gone. I’m not going to let them, take them from anyone. I wrote Grijalva while I was fighting and he never got back to me. Grijalva doesn’t care about our rights like I do. I don’t care what party you follow, if you’re an American and your rights have been violated I’m fighting for you. If they do it to one, they can do it to all.

Those bad years gave me a deeper understanding of the issues plaguing our State and our entire country. When I walked out of prison My fiancee and children were gone. She had found someone else and I was very alone. I started running with men I had met in prison and became like them. They introduced me to drugs which led me to homelessness. I eventually got arrested and I did some deep soul searching. I came to truly know Christ. I realized he’d always been with me, carrying me. He was the reason I had survived the streets.

I began to realize I’d become like the men I had surrounded myself with. I realized I could change that. If I became the men I was surrounded by then I needed to surround myself with better men. It was really that simple. So I surrounded myself with retired officers. Both in local and federal departments. I made friends with attorneys who helped me with my case. I became friends with business owners who guided me into my businesses.

So there is hope for mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and grandparents that your children with a program I’d like to get funded, can overcome their addictions.

I fought the State because I wanted my Rights To Bear Arms. This was very frustrating cause all Gun Laws are actually Void!! Any Law that stands in opposition to the Constitution is in itself VOID! So the Second Amendment matters to me.

If you want to clean up our district, reduce crime, reduce taxes, improve education, secure our border, get our homeless on the path getting on their feet and drug addicts off of drugs vote for Butierez For Congress!


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