It's Time For Change In Arizona District 7

Daniel Butierez
For U.S. Congress


Daniel Butierez

For U.S. Congress

It's Time For Change In Arizona District 7

Meet Daniel Butierez

Small Business Owner.
Third Generation Arizonan.

I was born a fighter. I've had everything taken from me and I've battled back to run two successful businesses.

Now it's time to shake up the Washington, D.C. establishment and put Arizona families first.

Secure the Southern Border and fight to give U.S. Border Patrol the resources they need to do their job

Fight to cut taxes and make the tax code simpler for small businesses
Promote job growth and economic development by enabling responsible mining practices in Southern Arizona



-Economy & Taxes

Tucson is one of the poorest cities in the country. Wages are low and the homeless population doesn’t give an attractive invitation to tourists. Some of the most amazing views surround Tucson but Tucson itself isn’t all that attractive. 



Parents need to be in charge of what their children are learning not the government. Our schools need to get back to the basics and start educating our children again.


-Criminal Justice Reform

The Dept. of Justice is out of control and ignoring threats facing the United States. I am uniquely qualified to put a check on federal investigators and to force them to refocus efforts on National Security, including the Mexican drug cartels flooding our streets with illicit drugs.


-Homelessness and Drugs

I am 100% committed to ensuring that residents receive the support and resources they deserve, including access to high-quality healthcare, education, and job training programs.


-Second Amendment Rights

Our 2nd Amendment is a right given by God. It’s the guarantee that you can defend yourself. Now people think it was for hunting which isn’t true. It was put in our Constitution so that every man woman and child would never be denied their right to defend themselves. It makes all individuals equal. 


-Constituent Services

Unlike my opponent, I will always be available to District 7 residents and will ensure the Federal government is nothing short of 100% responsive to your needs. As your Congressman, I will be of service to you and your family should the need ever arise.

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A Dedicated Leader Committed to Fighting for Arizona Families.

Daniel Butierez is stepping up as a candidate for U.S. Congress in Arizona's 7th congressional district.

Daniel recognizes the foundational importance of safety and security in fostering a thriving community. His campaign is rooted in the commitment to create a safer, more secure environment for the families and businesses of the district.

He understands that economic growth and prosperity can only flourish when residents feel safe and protected. Prioritizing community policing, effective collaboration with law enforcement, and investing in preventive measures, Daniel aims to strengthen the district's resilience against threats and ensure a peaceful environment for all.

His vision is an Arizona 7th where every citizen can live, work, and prosper without fear.

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What People Say

About Daniel Butierez

"I endorse Daniel Butierez. He is just what District 7 needs as a good and principled man of great character. He is just and seeks justice and freedom for all."

Craig Johnson

"I'm a legal immigrant who served in the United States Marine Corps. What is going on in our country isn't right or fair to those of us who worked and gave of ourselves to become citizens. I've known Daniel for more than a decade, and he is a strong supporter of Immigration, but not of Illegal Immigration. This is why I support Daniel Butierez for Congress."

Yolanda Phillips

"If you are looking for a true patriot to be your Congressman representing CD 7, look no further. Daniel Butierez is the man for the job! I have seen many great candidates during my 52 years of involvement in Pima County politics. Daniel Butierez stands tall with the best of them. I am proud to endorse him!"

Linda Barber
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3:00 PM
TBA, Arizona

Don't miss the campaign kick-off of the year as Daniel Butierez makes his bid for U.S. Congress official. All are welcome.

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